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html2markdown for PHP

An HTML-to-markdown conversion tool for PHP by Nick Cernis
@nickcernis |

Version 1.0.1
Requires PHP 5
Licensed under The MIT license:

Live demo

A live demo is available at


Include html2markdown.php:

require_once( dirname( __FILE__) . '/html2markdown.php' );

Call html2markdown() on your valid, slash-stripped HTML code:

$markdown = html2markdown($html);

The $markdown string now contains the markdowned version of your HTML.

The included demo.php file contains an HTML->markdown conversion form for testing.


  • Chokes on malformed HTML. i.e. unclosed tags. Am considering a cleanup function to check for simple errors with an off switch for projects that perform their own reformatting, like WordPress. At present, you must nest <code> blocks inside <p> or <pre>, for example.
  • Markdown Extra, MultiMarkdown and other variants aren't supported; just Markdown.


  • Nested lists and lists with multiple paragraphs aren't converted correctly.
  • Lists inside blockquotes aren't converted correctly.

Style notes

  • SETEX (underlined) headers are the default for H1 and H2. Change the HTML2MD_HEADER_STYLE constant to "ATX" if you want # H1 and ## H2 style tags instead.
  • Reference-style labels (with src and href links in the footnotes) are not used. Links and images are all referenced inline.
  • Blockquotes aren't line wrapped (makes them easier to edit).

Architecture notes

html2markdown is about 450 lines. It's a single file with no dependencies. It uses native DOM manipulation libraries (DOMDocument), not regex voodoo, to convert code. I'd appreciate your help with any bug fixes and improvements.


My thanks to unlight and iamthes for their contributions.

How it works

html2markdown creates a DOM tree from the supplied HTML, walks through the tree, and converts each node to a text node, starting from the most deeply nested node and working inwards towards the root node.


  • Support for nested lists and lists inside blockquotes.

Trying to convert Markdown to HTML?

Use PHP Markdown from Michel Fortin.

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