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Ansible Stage

Current Status as of Dec 21, 2011

The CVS and SVN versions are now complete and sharing the same code. You can define which Version system you are using with a single config parameter.

To configure your install, all changes can be made in the docroot/lib/

Command-line tools to add / edit / and add files to projects are in the bin folder as well as aliases files that you can source from your .bashrc or .cshrc files (after some customization).

Since the remote_call isn't implemented yet, we are still limited to all staging envs at least being able to gain access to the /projects/ dir to be able to function.


  1. Finish porting the remote_call connection for remote access to the /projects/ dir and logs
  2. Explain (and make easier) to people how to install the SUDO perms of the APACHE-running-CVS bits
  3. Write more docs
  4. Write the Repo Admin functions for the CVS Repo