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StarkView README

This library is a simple form and AJAX helper library.  It's
primary role is to make extremely easy, the four phases of form
filling when you are making a single form that will service both
the adding and editing of a given type of object.  These are the
4 phases:

  - Add phase (most inputs blank or with defaults)
  - Edit phase (inputs filled with the object's information)
  - Add phase with validation errors (filled with user input)
  - Edit phase with validation errors (filled with user input)

StarkView also includes AJAX validation, so that it does not need
to refresh the page in order to show validation errors, but it is
always backed up with server-side validation, so nothing can be
slipped through by simply spoofing a form or turning off
JavaScript.  The validation error advice appears the same whether
using the AJAX form or submitting as a standard form request.

StarkView is the view component of the lightweight StarkMVC
framework, but it is such a simple class that it has been used
inside of the Zend framework quite easily.

StarkView is not a form generator.  Instead, it injects the very
least amount of code that it needs to, in order to direct the
different phases of the form.  All that is needed is to control
the attrubutes of the input tags, so approiately, the main
method, is named, input_attrs().

The first parameter to input_attrs() is the type of input you are
using it for, and it adjusts itself so as to work for everything
from HTML form tag types from text, radio, textarea, button,
file, password, select, option etc.