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All CopyRights Reserved.
Created by emailme to:
this source are under GNU/GPL (General Public Licence)
by unmanarc.
thanks to all.
enjoy ;)
#pragma once
typedef struct flabel
short label_id; //must be 1
char labelname[8];
} s_label;
typedef struct jump
short label_id; //must be 2-6
char labelname[8];
} s_jump;
typedef struct com
short label_id;
size_t command_lenght;
} s_com;
typedef struct ret
short label_id; //must be 1
} s_ret;
typedef struct header
char file_info[3]; //must be "UMA"
short version; // version of executable.
int page_size; //size of each page.
} s_header;
class Cexecuter
int openexec(char *filename);
void closeexec();
void gotolabel(char *labelname);
int fh;
s_header head;
char *page;