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All CopyRights Reserved.
Created by emailme to:
this source are under GNU/GPL (General Public Licence)
by unmanarc.
thanks to all.
enjoy ;)
#if _MSC_VER > 1000
#pragma once
#endif // _MSC_VER > 1000
#include "winsock2.h"
#include "ini_man.h"
class Cproto
Cproto(Cini *inix);
// Protocol functions:
bool start_socket(SOCKET s, BOOL encrypt); //Start negotiation with client
void deny_connection(SOCKET s);
char *getkey();
void continue_socket(SOCKET s, char *newkey);
int sendclose();
char in_ip[256];
bool isProxyIn();
bool isAuthIn();
void getServerName(char *name, size_t max_lenght);
bool get_prx_uplink();
bool get_prx_upuser();
bool get_prx_upbounce();
bool get_prx_logdata();
//proxy protocol.:
int setpushmode(BOOL pshmode);
char *l_pop(int max);
int l_flush();
//For server rutines:
int sendfile(char *remotefilename, char *localfilename);
int recvfile(char *remotefilename, char *localfilename);
int senddatahex(char *data, int lenght); //send as maximum 4094 bytes of data hex.
int senddata(char *data); //Send NULL-TERMINATED string to socket
int sendline(char *data); //send NULL-TERMINATED string to socket and append \n
int senddatacenter(char *data, short line); //Send data centered.
int getdline(char *line); //Get 10-13 terminated line.
int getdnline(char *line,int maxi); //Get 10-13 terminated line with maximum
int getdnpass(char *line,int maxi); //Get 10-13 terminated pass with maximum
int comparehash(char *hash, char *gout);
int getnchar(char *chr, int chars); //Get n characters from host
int setcolor(unsigned short color);
int setdefaultcolor();
int setbackground(unsigned short color);
int setposxy(int posx, int posy);
int clreol(void);//Borrar hasta el final de línea
int delline(void);//Eliminar la línea actual
int insline(void);//Insertar una nueva línea
int settitle(char *title);
int drawRectangle(unsigned short x,unsigned short y,unsigned short w,unsigned short h,unsigned short line_type,unsigned short line_color,unsigned short filled_color);
int setAction(char *action);
int setActionStatus(bool success);
int receive(char *data, size_t maxdatasize);
int getproxyline();
int GetBlock(void *p, int len);
int cls();
void start_remote_auth_server();
void start_remote_auth_server_false();
int start_remote_auth_client(char *username, char *pass, char *germen);
int l_push(char *data);
char key[32];
FILE *tempfile;
BOOL pushmode;
fpos_t w_pos;
fpos_t r_pos;
bool prx,auth;
bool prx_uplink;
bool prx_upuser;
bool prx_upbounce;
bool prx_logdata;
char nameserver[256];
Cini *ini;