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The unmock CircleCI orb.


List orbs for namespace unmock:

circleci orb list unmock

Display info for unmock/unmock orb:

circleci orb info unmock/unmock

Validate an orb:

circleci orb validate orb.yml

Publish a development version:

circleci orb publish orb.yml unmock/unmock@dev:0.0.X

Publish a production version:

circleci orb publish orb.yml unmock/unmock@0.0.x
git tag -a "v0.0.x" -m "v0.0.x"
git push origin v0.0.x

Alternatively, you can use promote command to promote a development version to a semantic release:

circleci orb publish promote unmock/unmock@dev:0.0.x patch
# Push git tags as above
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