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Unmock plugin for VSCode!
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Unmock Visual Studio Code Plugin

Unmock Visual Studio Code plugin - synchronizing seamlessly with all your unmock needs!


Quick Links:

  1. Testing
  2. Publishing
  3. Bundling
  4. CI and Tests
    Current Development Status: Pre-alpha
    Current Status and Features:
  • Syncing updates JSON mock files to unmock cloud
  • Suggestion to use unmock in javascript/typescript test files, where calls are made to 3rd party APIs.
    • Adds a beforeEach, afterEach and import statements to use unmock.
  • Roadmapped for further extensions, features and integrations.

Dev Instructions

Testing locally (installing the plugin)

  • Test the plugin by running debug mode in the plugin project.
  • Compile the plugin by running vsce package. A .vsix file will be generated. Install the .vsix file locally by either:
    1. Using the CLI: code --install-extension <vsix file>
    2. Opening the Extension Manager in vscode (normally CTRL+SHIFT+X), and choosing Install from VSIX...


  • Run vsce login Unmock. Enter the Personal Access Token (ask Idan if you need it).
    • You only need to login once.
  • Run vsce package.
  • Run vsce publish minor if you want to increment the minor version, vsce publish major for major version, or vsce publish X.Y.Z for a specific version number.

Extension Settings

  • refreshToken: The refresh token to get when you registered for unmock. Used for various operations with the remote unmock service.
  • path: Default path to look for stored credentials (relative to the workspace or absolute path).

Known Issues

  • Only initial release at the moment.
  • Manually tested

Release Notes


Released: 10/04/2019.
Initial release, limited functionality.

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