The main website for unMonastery.
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The main website for unMonastery.

Getting Started

  1. Install DocPad into an empty directory.

  2. Clone the project and run the server

    cd [your-directory] docpad run git clone git:// . npm install docpad install markd docpad install eco docpad install less docpad run

    1. [Open http://localhost:9778/](http://localhost:9778/)
    1. Start hacking away by modifying the `src` directory
    ## I'm getting EMFILE errors
    [See here for the reason why and the solution](
    ## License
    The skeleton this website is built on is made ["public domain"]( using the [Creative Commons Zero](, as such before you publish your website you should place your desired license here and within the `` file.
    If you are wanting to open-source your website, we suggest using the [Creative Commons Attribution License]( for content and the [MIT License]( for code. In which case you'd probably want to use the following as your license:
    Unless stated otherwise, all content is licensed under the [Creative Commons Attribution License]( and code licensed under the [MIT License](, © [Your Name](
    If you are wanting to close-source your website, we'd suggest using the following:
    Copyright [Your Name]( All rights reserved.
    Other included things such as themes and libraries are likely already licensed by their own individual licenses, so be sure to respect their licenses too.