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Project Management workshop materials
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Research Project Management Principles and Tools - AKA Juggling 101

Developed By:

  • Karl Benedict - University of New Mexico, CUL&LS Research Data Services.
  • Ward Fleri


"Strategy is a system of expedients. It is more than science, it is the translation of science into practical life, the development of an original leading thought in accordance with the ever-changing circumstances." - Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, quoted in Government and War (1918) by Spenser Wilkinson

Skills and knowledge in effective project management aren't just useful to project leads and mission planners - they are critical to all of us who find ourselves working on teams to accomplish a shared goal. Only through the development and management of a clear plan can we keep on track and identify times when we need to update our plan to reflect changing realities. By systematically identifying project goals and outcomes, who and what is needed to accomplish those objectives, and the definition of a realistic timeline for doing so we can work to ensure that our entire team is on the same page and headed in the right direction. This workshop will provide a combination of a conceptual introduction to key principles for effective project planning with hands-on practice with a powerful open source project planning and management tool - TaskJuggler. By the end of this workshop participants will have had an opportunity to learn the foundational principles of project planning and management, gain experience implementing those principles through the incremental development of an increaslingly complete project plan, and be in a position to continue to build their knowledge and skills through continued use of TaskJuggler as a planning and management tool.


Pre-workshop Preparation

Version History:

release: 2018-07 ESIP (2018 Summer ESIP Federation Meeting) DOI:

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