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A set of curl statements and shell script for Best Practice settings.
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Best Practices for Curling

A set of curl statements and shell script for Best Practice settings for the Cisco ACI APIC Controller.



  • best practices for curling.txt: A collection of curl statements to support Best Practices Recommendation.
  • a demo config script to configure recommended settings.


  • A Unix-compatible system running BASH.
  • A text editor to adjust the configuration variables.


  • Copy into $PATH of your choice on a Unix-compatible system. $HOME/bin, /usr/local/bin, or /opt/scripts/bin, etc.
  • Set the execute bits: chmod +x /path/to/


  • Edit and change the USER, PASS, and HOST variables to match your username, password, and controller hostname.
  • Optional: edit the Settings Config variables to activate/deactivate the functions that enable/disable a given setting.
  • Optional: set COOKIEFILE to a file in a writable directory (/tmp/cookie, $HOME/tmp, $HOME/cookie, etc)
  • Optional: set the CURL_OPTS to match your environment. Defaults include -s (suppress status), and -k (accept insecure/self-signed certificates).


  • Run "" enable to enable all the recommended settings.
  • Run "" disable to disable all the recommended settings.
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