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Build Status

This plugin sends Logstash events to the Unomaly ingestion API (min version Unomaly 2.27).

Getting started

Installing through rubygems

logstash-plugin install logstash-output-unomaly

Minimal configuration

output {
    unomaly {
        host => "https://your-unomaly-instance:443"

Important options

Option Description Default
host Unomaly instance address. Must define full path such as "https://my-instance:443" No default
message_key The key in the Logstash event that Unomaly should use for anomaly detection. "message"
source_key The event key defining the Unomaly system. "host"
ssl_certificate_validation Enable or disable SSL certificate validation "strict"

See the source code for the full list of options

Known issues

  • Installation of the plugin fails on Logstash 6.2.1.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome. This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration.


We use docker to build the plugin. You can build it by running docker-compose run jruby gem build logstash-output-unomaly.gemspec