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Uno Playground

This is the code for published apps on stores (Uno Gallery) - Windows, Android & iOS and for the Uno Playground

Building it

You'll need Visual Studio 2017 v15.5+ to compile it. You also need those components:

  • Web Site development (aspnet core)
  • .NET Core cross-platform projects
  • Xamarin SDK (if you want to test iOS & Android)


To run the UWP project, simply select the project Uno.UI.Demo.UWP as starting project.

Android & iOS

To run Xamarin versions, select the project Uno.UI.Demo.Droid or Uno.UI.Demo.iOS as starting project. For iOS, don't forget to pick emulator or device. You may need additionnal provisionning configuration to run it on a device.


Run the project Uno.UI.Demo.AspnetShell - that's the web site and go to the url /Playground/index.html once it's started (don't use the link in the site, it will bring you to the public version).