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SkiaSharp is a cross-platform, comprehensive 2D graphics API for all .NET platforms. And, here is where you will find all sorts of extras that you can use with it.
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SkiaSharp.Extended for WebAssembly

This repository is the home for the port of SkiaSharp.Extended packages for WebAssembly with the Uno Platform. This package uses the Uno.SkiaSharp.Wasm package for WebAssembly.

Build Status

SkiaSharp.Extended is a collection some cool libraries that may be useful to some apps. There are several repositories that may have interesting projects:

Using SkiaSharp.Extended on WebAssembly

The support for Extended and SVG is provided in the form of two packages :

Those packages can only be used on a WebAssembly head running on top of the Uno Platform. For other heads, see use of the official Extended and Svg packages.

Some samples of the apps (Extended and Svg) in the repository:

Extended SVG


Open either the Svg solution or the Extended solution and build the included sample apps.


The code in this repository is licensed under the MIT License.

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