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Build Mobile, Desktop and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML. Today. Open source and professionally supported.
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Uno Platform - Build Mobile, Desktop and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML. Today.

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What is the Uno Platform

The Uno Platform is a Universal Windows Platform Bridge that allows UWP-based code (C# and XAML) to run on iOS, Android, and WebAssembly. It provides the full definitions of the UWP Windows 10 October 2018 Update (17763), and the implementation of a growing number of parts of the UWP API, such as Windows.UI.Xaml, to enable UWP applications to run on these platforms.

Use the UWP tooling from Windows in Visual Studio, such as XAML Edit and Continue and C# Edit and Continue, build your application as much as possible on Windows, then validate that your application runs on iOS, Android and WebAssembly.

Visit our documentation for more details.

Getting Started


  • Visual Studio 2017 15.5 or later, with:
    • Universal Windows Platform component installed

    • Xamarin component installed (for Android and iOS development)

    • ASP.NET/web component installed, along with .NET Core 2.2 (for WASM development)

To easily create a multi-platform application:

See the complete Getting Started guide for more information.

For a larger example and features demo:

Uno Features

Live WebAssembly Apps

Here's a list of live apps made with the Uno Platform for WebAssembly.

Let us know if you've made your app publicly available, we'll list it here!

Have questions? Feature requests? Issues?

Make sure to visit our FAQ, StackOverflow, create an issue or visit our gitter.


There are many ways that you can contribute to the Uno Platform, as the UWP API is pretty large! Read our contributing guide to learn about our development process and how to propose bug fixes and improvements.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Jérôme Laban
Jérôme Laban

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David Oliver
David Oliver

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Martin Zikmund
Martin Zikmund

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Geoffrey Huntley
Geoffrey Huntley

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Patrick Decoster
Patrick Decoster

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Carl de Billy
Carl de Billy

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