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Website for Unosmium and Science Olympiad results
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Unosmium Website

Netlify Status

The official website for the Unosmium Scoring System and Unosmium Results.


Unosmium Scoring System

Homepage is a work in progress (aka has not yet been started on). Will be used to advertise the features of the Unosmium Scoring System and provide instructions on how to use it.

Unosmium Results

An archive of any tournament results that have been output as or converted into the SciolyFF (Science Olympiad File Format).

How to view locally

Minimal instructions that will likely need to be modified depending on your development setup:

git clone
bundle install
middleman build
firefox build/results/index.html


Contributions of code and tournament results are welcome.

To add new tournament results, make a Pull Request that adds a YAML file in format of SciolyFF in the data directory.

A Google Sheets input template can be used to generate a CSV file that then can be converted into a SciolyFF file using the script in this repository. The files already in the data directory should serve as an example of expected output. Additionally, the sciolyff command line utility should be used to verify the data files.

After the pull request is merged, the website will automatically generate an HTML results page that can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link in the site index.

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