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ply: (tr. v.) to use or wield diligently

A JavaScript browser event expansion pack

ply implements a comprehensive set of responsive and accurate multitouch gestures using the standard JavaScript event paradigm.

On top of this, ply makes it easy to automatically implement intuitive auto-transform using accelerated CSS3 3D transforms.

(Not sure if this is going to happen or is in scope) ply makes use of requestAnimationFrame to efficiently schedule transform style updates and computations.

An API is provided to control behavior (also not sure if mutation observation is within scope of library either:), and it is possible to control behavior with no code on a browser supporting DOM4 Mutation Observers.


Devices Supported

If ply fails to function properly (Webkit on iOS shall be the benchmark) with your device please put in a ticket for it.

How to use

Todo: re-establish the purpose and scope of the library - including what functionality in specific terms.

Disclaimer: No relation to PLY