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Camilo Sperberg edited this page Oct 27, 2018 · 15 revisions

Telegram API

This is a complete PHP7 bot API implementation for Telegram.

About this class

  • Enables you to send messages, stickers, location and other methods via PHP to Telegram.
  • Respects and implements the default types and methods made by Telegram itself.
  • Doesn't need any dependency, except for Guzzle. I'm working on an implementation that doesn't require Guzzle as well.
  • Inline bots support!

Detailed description

This project was born to study the new concepts of PHP7 and to integrate some other knowledge I had previously heard about but didn't have the time to play with them. The idea behind was to create a simple to use class which could play nicely with the Telegram API. The end result however ended up being a complete bot API implementation, which can be used very easily.

Why PHP7+ only?

Mainly because PHP7 is a fantastic release and I wanted to release some new software based solely on this new version in order to get to know more about it.


I will try my best to respect Semantic Versioning.
That being said, the first stable release is v1.0.0, from there on no mayor BC changes will occur unless we update the major.

Want to colaborate?

Please check the following section for more information about colaborating.