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Package a game binary

In some scenarios you will want to package your game projects into a binary, instead of using it in the editor, for example you want to deploy the game to a deep learning server without UE4 installed or share your game project with other researchers

This page briefly describes how to create a game binary with UnrealCV embedded. Some game binaries can be found in the :doc:`model zoo </reference/model_zoo>`

Guide to submit a binary

  1. Modify UE4 config file
  2. Package your game project into a binary
  3. Make a pull request to modify the :doc:`/reference/model_zoo`
  4. We will review your pull request and merge the changes to the UnrealCV website

1. Modify an UE4 config file

First, you need to add a line to UE4 engine config file Engine\Config\ConsoleVariables.ini by adding this line to the end.

r.ForceDebugViewModes = 1

If this line is missing, UnrealCV commands of the packaged game will not work correctly.

2. Package your game project

UE4 makes it easy to release your project as a game binary. You can use the editor menu to package a game. Many related blog posts can be found online.

  • Use UE4 Editor to package a game
  • Use script to package a game
python --UE4 {UE4 instal path} {uproject path}

For example, python --UE4 "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.16" C:\qiuwch\workspace\uprojects\UE4ArchinteriorsVol2Scene1\ArchinteriorsVol2Scene1.uproject

3. Make a pull request

The last step is making a pull request to modify the :doc:`model zoo page </reference/model_zoo>` and add your content. We list some information that should be provided in the pull request. These information can help others better utilize the game binary. This is :ref:`an example <rr>`.

Binary name (required):
An easy to remember name that people can refer to the binary you created
Author information (required):
Author name and contact information
Binary description (required):
What this virtual world is designed for? Generating dataset, reinforcement learning, etc.??
UnrealCV version (required):
It can be a release version such as v0.3, a git short sha version, or a pointer to a commit of your fork. This information is to help others find which API is available and the corresponding documentation.
Download link (required):
Please host binaries in your website, if you have difficulties finding a place to host content, we can help you find some free solutions. Please also include which platform (win,mac,linux) your binaries are built for.
Related paper or project page (optional):
If this game binary is related to a research project, make a link to here.

Packaging binaries automatically

In the UnrealCV team, we use a set of packaging scripts to automate the packaging and testing. These scripts are hosted in <qiuwch/unrealcv-packaging>.