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Maxel 2

Maxel will be replaced with Maxel2, a native Cocoa app. It will be distributed on the App Store after an open Beta. Maxel2

Maxel 2 addresses issues with Maxel 1, such as:

  • The ability to pause downloads
  • Lower CPU usage
  • View multiple downloads
  • Better UI
  • Smaller binary

Maxel (unmaintained)

Maxel is a download accelerator for Mac OS X based off the open source Axel. It's still very much a work in progress.



Maxel downloads files with many connections, allowing you to saturate your bandwidth. It supports multiple files and will open Metalink 4 files.


I've only tested this on Mac OS 10.6.


Enter the urls, number of connections, and download destination. Download.


  • Create user preferences to remember preferred download location
  • Make a table cell view and a pause button?
  • Better meta4 integration
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