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web front end stack: browsers, platforms, libraries, frameworks, tools etc.
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The overflow stack family (Web Front End Stack, Database Stack, .NET Stack etc.):





Web front-end stack: browsers, platforms, libraries, frameworks, tools etc.

![Image of Web Front End Stack](Web Front End Stack.png)

Generate image yourself

Prepare for environment

You should have Visual Studio 2010+ installed in Windows.

  1. Install nodejs. (Shoule be >= iojs 1.8.0)

  2. Install Phantomjs.

  3. Install Python 2.7.

  4. npm install

If the error occurs, you can check the dependence of phantomjs-node, node-gyp.

Run commands

npm start for start a server to open the html directly.

npm run build for generate the image.


  -h, --help                           Display help message.
  -p, --port number                    (Default: 3000) Set the port what express listening.
  -ues, --update_existed_stargazers    (Default: false) Update project's stargazers including existed.
  --phantomjs                          The task to generate the image.
  --readme                             The task to update readme.
  --updatestargazers                   The task to update the count of the stargazers.

What and why?

Have you ever wondered:

  • what technologies web front end really includes?
  • how many do I possess?

I could not find a really comprehensive diagram that shows the web front end technology stack, so I come up with my own version.

There might be issues here and there, like the category, the individual ones, but the beauty is you can modify it as you want.

You can have a graphical preview here (use mouse to move / zoom):

The Web Front End Stack

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