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This project contains puppet modules used by Unruly for configuration management, developed in the open to improve code quality and decouple data (e.g. credentials and secrets) from configuration.


unruly-puppet requires Puppet, Ruby, pdk, and pre-commit installed.

$ git clone

$ pre-commit install # install validation pre-commit hooks


We use pdk to test and build this project.

$ ./ # run puppet parser to validate files, and pdk test on all modules

Smoke Testing with Docker

The feedback loop for applying a puppet class in a Docker container is conveniently short.

The Docker configuration for the smoke test environment implements a masterless puppet agent in order to optimise for quick application of catalogs.

For further documentation please see the test_configuration README


The smoke tests require Docker to be installed locally.

Users should ensure any hiera data is configured in hieradata/ yaml files, and those files are referenced in hiera.yaml.

To run smoke tests on a designated Puppet class:

Add the class you're requiring into a manifest inside the test_configuration/manifests directory.

$ ./ test_configuration::my_puppet_class_name


unruly-puppet is versioned with tags against the master branch e.g. v0.0.10

We aim to support Semantic Versioning as closely as possible.


Individual modules can be imported in your Puppetfile using librarian e.g.

  def unruly_mod(name, version)
    mod "unruly/#{name}",
      :git    => '',
      :path   => "modules/#{name}",
      :ref    => version
  unruly_mod 'base', 'v0.0.10'      


Module Resource Description
credentials credentials Manages the /etc/credentials directory tree for storing configuration files.
base base Includes base::* subclasses.
base::yum Installs base yum plugins on CentOS 7 images. Uses hiera to source plugins by default, but can be customised.
base::yum::clean Sets up a cronjob to clean Yum repo metadata once per day at random, determined by FQDN.
base::yum::repos::unruly Sets up unruly repository configuration for yum.
base::yum::repos::epel Sets up unruly repository configuration for EPEL.
base::yum::repos::artifactory Sets up unruly repository configuration for Artifactory.
base::ssh::server Ensures sshd is running and sets up sshd configuration.
base::ssh::server::config Configures the SSH daemon.
base::ntp Installs ntp and ensures that the daemon is running.
base::collectd Installs collectd, provides configuration, and ensures service is running.
base::collectd::plugins Installs collectd plugins.
base::collectd::config Defines configuration resource for backend service (e.g. graphite).
base::syslog_ng Installs syslog-ng for system logging and removes known incompatible logging packages
base::nrpe Installs nrpe, provides base configuration, and ensures service is running
base::nrpe::plugins Sets up and configures default NRPE plugins for every node
base::nrpe::check Defines nrpe check configuration and plugin directory structure.
base::selinux Sets up SELinux for the system.
base::python Installs python and pip.
monitoring monitoring Includes monitoring::* subclasses.
monitoring::nagios Installs and starts nagios
monitoring::nagios::plugins Installs a default set of nagios plugins.
monitoring::nagios::nsca Installs nsca for accepting passive checks.
monitoring::nagios::xinetd Installs xinetd.