Parses VAST files into plain Javascript objects
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Dependency Status

Parses VAST files into plain javascript objects


The library currently makes use of the current projects and is dependent on them:


The main module to use is vastAdManager which exposes two functions:

  • requestVastChain
  • addEventListener


The requestVastChain returns a promise and will resolve once it has finished downloading all of the VAST files in the chain. It returns a VastResponse object.

    .fail(function(vastError) {
        // handle any errors that may have occurred such as an HTTP 404.
    .then(function(vastResponse) {
        // use the vastResponse


It is possible to register event listeners for when a request is about to be made and when it has finished.

  • requestStart - start of request for VAST file
  • requestEnd - end of request for VAST file

These events can be useful for logging purposes or for timing how long each request takes.

Each event passes has the following properties available:

  • requestNumber - the current request number, which can be more than one when VAST wrapper files are used
  • uri - the URI for the request
  • vastResponse - the VastResponse object that is being added to while following a chain of VAST files.

Running Tests

In one terminal run

npm start

Then go to http://localhost:8000/test/phantom/testrunner.html in your browser. Or run npm test


License information can be found in the LICENSE file.