A native iOS game written in Objective-C using the open source Cocos2D engine.
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Elevator CEO


Elevator CEO was an iOS game first published to the App Store on October 1, 2012. The last release of the game was published on January 9, 2015. Although it was downloaded thousands of times, I decided to cancel my App Developer membership, thereby ending its tenure on the App Store on April 28, 2016.

Read about the game's history and check out screen shots on my website.

What's included or excluded from this repo?

The code here is necessary but not sufficient to actually run the game. You'll need to bring your own audio, graphics, and fonts. What's included here is the logic for the game itself.

I excluded the game engine which is the only library dependency. The legacy version of cocos2d-iphone (v0.99) is still available on GitHub.

Why not release the artwork?

I've rewritten the entire game in C++. I hope to re-release the game, but on Google Play instead of the App Store. When that time comes I'll need the artwork for personal use.

Why not release the audio?

The music and sound effects were licensed/purchased and are not compatible with the GNU General Public License.