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This is a backup of my custom files for TF2.

These files all go in Team Fortress 2/tf/custom. If you need help installing these files follow the installation instructions.

  • HUD: ToonHUD (my theme).
  • Launch options1:
    -novid -nojoy -nosteamcontroller -noff -softparticlesdefaultoff -reuse -console -condebug -noborder
  • Config: Personal, in /configs/
  • Hitsound: This (other hitsounds in this zip file)

Typing info into the console will print the comment at the head of autoexec.cfg.

I personally recommend reading over these configs before using them, particularly my autoexec and reset.cfg.

Source Description
configs Me TF2 configuration files authored by me. Diagram for these in readme: /configs/cfg/
nosmoke ("Original by MAD76") These files turn a number of particle effects in the game down, by switching them to the "sapper destroyed" particle effect. (This affects every rocket launcher except the Cow Mangler 5000)
killicons Gamebanana This mods kill icons into the game that show more detailed weapon information. For example, rocket kills no longer show just a rocket icon, they show the actual rocket launcher used.
nullsound Me Adds a file named null.wav to sound/vo/, fixing an annoying error message in tr_walkway_rc2
my_maps Me This is where I keep important maps. Check the readme for more information: /my_maps/maps/
bucket_lightwarp.vpk Gamebanana This is my favorite lightwarp for TF2.
crit.vpk Gamebanana Changes the critical hit text from "CRITICAL HIT!!!" to "CRIT!"

other stuff

I keep mods I am currently not using in a separate branch of this repo: others



If you use anything mine here and post it elsewhere, a simple link to this repo ( is enough credit.

1: A detailed description of TF2 launch options is available on the wiki for mastercomfig