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Roundcube plugin for multiple SMTP server

This plugin allows you to set multiple SMTP server for Roundcube.

There are three ways to set IMAP mail hosts on $rcmail_config['default_host']
in Roundcube :
* Set one host as string
* Give a list of hosts to display a pulldown menu
* Leave blank to show a textbox at login

For the first way you don't need this plugin because you can set the SMTP server
counterpart on $rcmail_config['smtp_server'] as string directly.

For the second and third way this plugin is made for. For a defined list of IMAP
mail hosts you can now specify the counterparts of SMTP server as an array. If
you allow your users to write their hosts into a textbox you can also specify an
array of SMTP servers to find the relevant counterparts.

This plugin can be downloaded from

You can also check it out from its repository:
$ git clone git://github.com/unstko/Roundcube-plugins.git

Put the multiple_smtp_server folder into the plugin folder and enable the
plugin by adding multiple_smtp_server into the $rcmail_config['plugins'] array.

Copy config/config.inc.php.dist to config/config.inc.php and modify it.

If you have a list of IMAP hosts in the following way:

$rcmail_config['default_host'] = array (
    'ssl://mail.host1.com' => 'Host 1',
    'ssl://mailbox.host2.com' => 'Host 2',
    'ssl://imap.host3.com' => 'Host 3'

Specify an array $rcmail_config['multiple_smtp_server'] in the config.inc.php
with the counterparts in the following way:

$rcmail_config['multiple_smtp_server'] = array (
    'Host 1' => 'ssl://smtp.host1.com:465',
    'Host 2' => 'ssl://mailhost.host2.com:465',
    'Host 3' => 'tls://smtp.host3.com:587'

The plugin will then make the comparision based on the host names.

If you leave the $rcmail_config['default_host'] blank you can specify the array
$rcmail_config['multiple_smtp_server'] in the config.inc.php as followed:

$rcmail_config['multiple_smtp_server'] = array (
    'ssl://mail.host1.com:993' => 'ssl://smtp.host1.com:465',
    'ssl://mailbox.host2.com:993' => 'ssl://mailhost.host2.com:465',
    'ssl://imap.host3.com:993' => 'tls://smtp.host3.com:587'

The plugin will then take the user specified host and tries to find it in this
array. So you can also set counterparts for known hosts.

If the plugin doesn't find the right counterpart it doesn't change the default
SMTP settings you made in:
* $rcmail_config['smtp_server']
* $rcmail_config['smtp_port']
* $rcmail_config['smtp_user']
* $rcmail_config['smtp_pass']

When changing the SMTP server to a new value the plugin also sets the username
and password to the current values of the user. This is because normaly the
username and password of an IMAP host also fits to the matching SMTP server.

This plugin is distributed under the MIT License.
Please see multiple_smtp_server.php for the complete license.

Visit https://github.com/unstko/Roundcube-plugins if you want to contribute.