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The new bsdgames
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New BSD Games

You have a computing machine from 1980's and you wonder how you can use it?
You deal with a GUI-less machine at work and are looking for ways to kill time?
You are the DSL developer and have cancelled the project because you lacked games?
You have to make a Reversi AI for your homework and you don't know where to copy it from?
You have been so excited about the bsdgames, but have grown tired of playing tetris, snake and robots for billions of times?
You feel they have betrayed you by bundling stuff like phantasia with a package you except to contain GAMES?

Don't worry anymore as you've got nbsdgames now!

I originally made these in hope of them being added to NetBSD ( but the few i talked with preferred to have games in the repositories rather than in /usr/games itself) .

These include:

  • Jewels (A game with a gameplay kinda similiar to that of Tetris, NOT my invention)
  • Sudoku
  • Mines (Minesweeper)
  • Reversi
  • Checkers
  • Battleship
  • SOS
  • Rabbithole (A maze-exploring game where you have to gather items from all around the maze rather than reaching an end, the idea maybe mine)
  • Pipes (Same as the famous Pipe Mania, unplayable on the environments that don't support the line characters)
  • Fifteen
  • Memoblocks (or Memory blocks. A similar game was included in Windows 7)


  • git (optional)
  • POSIX make (optional)
  • A C compiler with C99 enabled
  • The standard library
  • libncurses (the dev package if you are on debian-based distros)

How to run

  1. Download the files
  2. Go to the sources directory
  3. Set the environment variable PREFIX to the address you want them to be in
  4. Install

Like this:

	 git clone
        cd ~/nbsdgames/sources
        export PREFIX= ~/bin
        make install

Also, If you are on a debian-based OS on a 64-bit PC you can download the deb package and simply install it with dpkg or apt. the deb package:

It's available on AUR thanks to Elias Riedel Gårding: (The commands start with nbsd_ to avoid conflict)

It's been made available for openSUSE thanks to Zinjanthropus:

How do these look like

Screenshot from 4 games in tmux

How to contribute

Oh, so kind! You can...

  • Share these with your friends
  • Tell me your feature requests, bug reports, games you want to be added etc.
  • Make a package for your distro (or put it on repos and tell me afterwards)
  • Tell me if you're interested in porting it to non-Unix (Possible in theory since there is PDCurses for SDL, and SDL for everything)
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