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Copyright (c) 2014 Vitaly Sinilin <>
Published under the terms of the MIT License.
ipxbox is a userspace tool that allows user to connect a vanilla
DOSBox to real IPX hosts available in the L2 network. Surprisingly
DOSBox cannot do that on its own. Although there is a Native IPX
patch [1,2] available on the Internet, it is not really convenient to
use it since for some reason it still has not been included into
the DOSBox upstream.
How it works
For DOSBox ipxbox looks just like another instance of DOSBox running
on the same host. But instead of using a convention described in
rfc1234 [3] ipxbox assigns its client (real DOSBox) with an IPX
address based on the MAC address of the interface connected to L2
IPX network (not on client's IP address).
Once a client is registered ipxbox starts decapsulating and forwarding
incoming IPX over UDP packets from the client to the L2 network via
a packet socket and encapsulating to UDP and forwarding to the client
incoming broadcast and unicast bare IPX packets.
ipxbox listens to UDP port of the ipx service (213).
Since a privileged port and a packet socket is used ipxbox needs to
be run as superuser (beware of backdoors!):
sudo ./ipxbox eth0
An IPX client in DOSBox needs to be started as per [4]:
ipxnet connect
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