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type PHP with elegance

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LadyPHP - type PHP with elegance

Simple (and stupid) preprocessor for PHP.

  • adds semicolons at end of lines
  • adds curly brackets according to indentation
  • adds some syntactic sugar:

    Lady    │ PHP           Lady    │ PHP
    ────────┼─────────      ────────┼─────────
    var     │ $var          a b     │ $a . $b
    obj.var │ $obj->var     a .. b  │ $a . $b
    obj.f() │ $obj->f()     [1: 2]  │ array(1 => 2)
    Cls.var │ Cls::$var     fn      │ function
    Cls.f() │ Cls::f()      case 1  │ case 1:
    Cls.CON │ Cls::CON      <?      │ <?php
    Cls()   │ new Cls()     <?=     │ <?php echo
  • original line numbers are preserved, it's handy for debugging

  • lady herself is written in lady, USE THE SOURCE for reference

Usage from PHP

require(__DIR__ . '/lady.php');
lady(__DIR__ . '/example.lady');

Usage from command line

php lady.php -i example.lady -o example.php
php lady.php -c  # converts all .lady files in dir
php lady.php -w  # watches and converts on the fly

  -r  search files recursively
  -e  expanded (human-like) style

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