minimalistic linux distro based on busybox
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Minimalist linux distro based on busybox.


  • uses build scripts similar to arch linux ones
  • init scripts with central config in /etc/rc.conf
  • unumix core weights only about 500K (+2M kernel)
  • packages are squashfs archives, mounted at boot
  • system help pages are available with command nhelp
  • online manuals from command line with man
  • easy file persistence with backup tool backup
  • system log on console 12


Quick start

$ ./cook -q
  • downloads aboriginal cross-compiler
  • downloads and builds linux kernel and busybox (~7 minutes)
  • adds some custom scripts and makes archive rootfs.gz
  • makes hda.sfs from hda/ dir and empty hdb.ext2
  • runs qemu using created kernel, hda/hdb disks and rootfs.gz
  • for help on using unumix, use command nhelp


  • add basic libraries from Tiny Core
  • searching and downloading of tcz packages with pac
  • script for creating bootable USB or ISO
  • cache for package loading /var/unumix/.pac-cache
  • automounting
  • boot codes: unumix restore waitusb home opt lst base norestore noautologin
  • add files to backup from command line
  • cache for online manual