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SSL Authentication #12

seejohnrun opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I need to use a X509 certificate with handsoap. Opening this issue as per



did you try to use in invoke(...) parameter hash:

:http_options=>{::trust_ca_file=>"ca cert", :client_cert_file=>"client cert", :client_cert_key_file=>"cert key file"}



I would also like to use X509 certificate with handsoap. tjgfernandes, i'm not sure what you mean. I don't see that in the documentation.

[update] I see there are actually 2 parts to what you suggested.
1) I need to switch the Handsoap.http_driver = :httpclient,
2) then...when I call invoke(action, options = { :soap_action => :auto, :http_options => nil }, &block)... I need to set the :http_options to what u said above...

None of this is documented, maybe because handsoap doesn't officially support SSL by x509? Here's hoping it does...


hi, sorry for the very late reply :/

the support for x509 exists, but wasn't very good. yes, you have to use httpclient. the configuration for 2 was sugested by me and the pushed to handsoap and i add nothing to the documentation :/ my bad.

i'm currently using handsoap with x509 certificates to auth with IIS server. it works :)

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