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NTLM Authentication #28

rodrei opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I'm trying to connect to an Exchange Server that only supports NTLM authentication. I found this issue where it's recommended to install the rubyntlm gem ( I installed it and tried again and the "Wrong credentials" error was still being raised. Looking at the http drivers code it seems like it's only trying to use HTTP basic auth (unless I'm missing something, please let me know if I am).

Playing around with the rubyntlm gem I managed to authenticate successfully, but from outside the handsoap gem.

Im going to try to add ntlm support to the handsoap gem, and the best place I can think of to do it is in the http drivers, would this be the right place?


Hi. Just saw this comment now. Yes, in the http-drivers. You could compare with how basic-auth is implemented, and just mimic that.


It still needs a refactor but is working. Here's what I did:


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