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I am trying to use handsoap 1.1.4 to consume SharePoint 2003 (WSS 2.0) web services. After fiddling a little bit with the configuration of namespaces, I have come to the point where I can send a correct SOAP request but I receive 401 HTTP error: Unauthorized. I am following the guidelines for HTTP authentication (http_request.set_auth @@username, @@password) but I believe SharePoint requires NTLM. Is there any way to make that work with Handsoap?


jimmiw commented Dec 1, 2009


It should be possible to add support for NTLM auth in Net::HTTP and Curb drivers at least. However, we haven't a sharepoint server at work, so testing it will be difficult.

Just make sure that the gem 'rubyntlm' is installed. It does not get installed as a dependency so it may not be there. I did some playing with Sharepoint Web Services a while back and it worked great. If you want some examples check out:


dking commented Jan 7, 2011

I found a bug in the 'rubyntlm' gem when the Kerberos-style "user@realm"
format is used. Here's a link to my commit with the fix:

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