A simple way to track *unix devices
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Location Magic

A simple way to track *nix devices

How Location Magic locates your device

  • Scripts in this repo, when run on your device, search for nearby WiFi access points and send us their BSSIDs (physical address)
  • We then send this data to Unwired Labs' LocationAPI (https://unwiredlabs.com), a WiFi positioning service
  • We plot the location Unwired Labs returns on a map, here: https://locationmagic.org/locate

Installation Instructions for *nix devices

  • Get a token from the Location Magic website

  • Download the locationmagic.sh script from this repo

  • Copy it to /usr/local/bin directory

      $ cp locationmagic.sh /usr/local/bin/  
  • Make this script executable with chmod +x

      $ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/locationmagic.sh	
  • Install it to your crontab to make it run every hour

      $ crontab -e
      # Paste this there after replacing $platform with osx / linux and $token with your Location Magic token
      0 * * * * cd /usr/local/bin/ && ./locationmagic.sh -locate $platform $token
  • Run it the first time manually

  •    $ cd /usr/local/bin/ && ./locationmagic.sh -locate $platform $token
  • If all is well, you should be able to locate your device here: https://locationmagic.org/locate

About this repository

This repo contains install scripts used on the Location Magic website.