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Manage multiple wallets from various Bitcoin applications, in one place, with zero risk.



Read.Cash lets you manage multiple wallets from various applications (such as,, blockpress, etc.) in a single place.

  1. Add: Add wallets by public address instead of going through hassle of importing private keys.
  2. Watch: Watch all your app wallets in a single place.
  3. Manage: Effortlessly recharge all your application wallets using QR code and Moneybutton


In above example, I have 3 wallets added to my One of them is a wallet which is also connected to Moneybutton.

Then I recharge my account with just a single click using Moneybutton! (I could also recharge using the QR code)

Then I refresh the page, you can see that coins have moved instantly, resulting in the moneybutton account with decreased balance and account with increased balance, and you can manage all of this in a single interface.


We are on the verge of a cambrian explosion of "Bitcoin Apps". We already have several interesting apps running on top of Bitcoin Cash such as, blockpress,, keyport, etc. and there are tons more to come.

One notable thing about these apps is that each app comes with its own embedded wallet. This is great for user experience and also helps with reducing risk for users since each wallet is specific to its parent application.

However it's becoming hard to keep track of all the wallets across different apps. This is where comes in.

  1. provides a unified dashboard where you can manage all your coins across multiple apps with a simple interface.
  2. ONLY monitors public addresses instead of importing private keys. This means nothing bad can ever happen by using Feel free to add as many wallets as you want, with zero risk.


Here are some highlights that make uniquely useful.

  1. Simple and Readonly: It's for "Reading" from wallets. There's no private key management, no seed phrase, no complex stuff. Just add some public Bitcoin addresses from all your Bitcoin apps and you're set to go.
  2. Monitor changes: Whenever you refresh the page, lets you know if there has been a new spend or a new incoming transaction making it easy for you to keep scores.
  3. Zero Risk: doesn't import any private keys because all you add is public address. There is zero risk of losing money from, so add as many as you want.
  4. Monitor anything: Since it works by adding public addresses, you can monitor any Bitcoin wallet--even those you don't own.
  5. 100% Serverless: The entire app is purely frontend based HTML. There is no backend that stores your data. In fact, you can even run it on your own local machine if you want. The source code is 100% open source and designed to be as transparent as possible.
  6. Charge your wallets effortlessly: implements a couple of powerful ways to charge your wallets, including QR Code and Moneybutton, and more to be added. You no longer need to charge wallets from each app, you can do it all in one place.
  7. Multi-currency: You can use with whichever currency you choose.

How to Use

1. Add Wallets

Try the app at Some of the things you can try are:

  1. Add your wallet
  2. Add your blockpress wallet
  3. Add your wallet

As you start adding wallets, you'll see that the header displays the total sum of all the coins in your wallets.

2. Watch

If you have acccounts in any of the above services, try making a transaction (such as posting a memo), and come back to and refresh, you'll see that your balance has gone down. Likewise, you'll see a green arrow when there's an incoming transaction (like a tip).

3. Charge your wallets

There are two ways to charge your wallets.

  1. QR Code: If you already have a mobile phone wallet, you can scan the QR code to charge your wallets.
  2. Moneybutton: If you have a or moneybutton account, you can charge your wallets with an instant click. It's almost magical.

4. Request Payment

When requesting a payment, you can simply pick one of the wallets and share its "share" url. A share URL looks like this:[WALLET_ADDRESS]

Since incorporates various ways of payment such as QR Code and Moneybutton (and more to come), you can make it as easy as possible for the sender by letting them pick the payment method.

5. Programmatically Add Wallets to

You can enter addresses manually to the input box to add to, but sites can also integrate with easily, simply by linking to a URL of the following format:[WALLET_ADDRESS]

Here's what it looks like in practice (If you integrated into your website):

<a href=''>Add to</a>

Remember, there is no server. The entire web app is just a static HTML website hosted on Github. So feel free to integrate into your apps as much as you want.

6. Programmatically Add Multiple Wallets

If you want to add multiple wallets with one request, you can do the same, but this time separate the multiple wallet addresses by commas. Here's an example:,qpne29ue8chsv9pxv653zxdhjn45umm4esyds75nx6,qq4kp3w3yhhvy4gm4jgeza4vus8vpxgrwc90n8rhxe

Contribute is completely open source, feel free to send pull requests or start a dicscussion if you have feature requests.