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* Intro
TokyoCabinet is a set of database + network server + reverse index
(for full-text search) libraries, implemented in C and built for
speed. They represent non-relational wing of databases, though
TokyoCabinet does have table-based storage with queries on tables (in
a way, that mirrors basically what 90% of people use MySQL for ;-) )
cl-tc is a set of SWIG-generated CFFI bindings for TokyoCabinet
library and in future, TokyoTyrant and TokyoDystopia. Currently
available bindings are 1-to-1 mapping of TokyoCabinet’s C API,
available in package tokyocabinet-sys. They will be used to make a
nice, CLOS-y API which will reside in package tokyocabinet, however,
it’s still not written :)
* How to use
Just symlink ASDF definition file into your registry (or load it or
add it manually to registry, your pick) and use asdf to load it.
Currently only the C API is available, through direct bindings in
#:TOKYOCABINET-SYS package. Proper CL api coming soon.
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