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Changed license clause in ASDF definition file. Also some minor changes

in tokyocabinet.i (can be ignored)
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1 parent 60a5954 commit 6a54512c3343d0be7aed8b61c05a903b6b1b98b3 @unya committed Mar 9, 2009
Showing with 49 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 tokyocabinet.asd
  2. +48 −0 tokyocabinet.i
2 tokyocabinet.asd
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
:description "Interface to TokyoCabinet database library"
:maintainer "Paweł Lasek <>"
:author "Paweł Lasek <>"
- :licence "BSD-style"
+ :licence "MIT-style"
:depends-on (:cffi)
:serial t
;; components likely need manual reordering
48 tokyocabinet.i
@@ -498,3 +498,51 @@ bool tctdbforeach(TCTDB *tdb, TCITER iter, void *op);
int tctdbstrtoindextype(const char *str);
int tctdbqrystrtocondop(const char *str);
int tctdbqrystrtoordertype(const char *str);
+/* Abstract DB API */
+enum { /* enumeration for open modes */
+ ADBOVOID, /* not opened */
+ ADBOMDB, /* on-memory hash database */
+ ADBONDB, /* on-memory tree database */
+ ADBOHDB, /* hash database */
+ ADBOBDB, /* B+ tree database */
+ ADBOFDB, /* fixed-length database */
+ ADBOTDB /* table database */
+TCADB *tcadbnew(void);
+void tcadbdel(TCADB *adb);
+bool tcadbopen(TCADB *adb, const char *name);
+bool tcadbclose(TCADB *adb);
+bool tcadbput(TCADB *adb, const void *kbuf, int ksiz, const void *vbuf, int vsiz);
+bool tcadbput2(TCADB *adb, const char *kstr, const char *vstr);
+bool tcadbputkeep(TCADB *adb, const void *kbuf, int ksiz, const void *vbuf, int vsiz);
+bool tcadbputkeep2(TCADB *adb, const char *kstr, const char *vstr);
+bool tcadbputcat(TCADB *adb, const void *kbuf, int ksiz, const void *vbuf, int vsiz);
+bool tcadbputcat2(TCADB *adb, const char *kstr, const char *vstr);
+bool tcadbout(TCADB *adb, const void *kbuf, int ksiz);
+bool tcadbout2(TCADB *adb, const char *kstr);
+void *tcadbget(TCADB *adb, const void *kbuf, int ksiz, int *sp);
+char *tcadbget2(TCADB *adb, const char *kstr);
+int tcadbvsiz(TCADB *adb, const void *kbuf, int ksiz);
+int tcadbvsiz2(TCADB *adb, const char *kstr);
+bool tcadbiterinit(TCADB *adb);
+void *tcadbiternext(TCADB *adb, int *sp);
+char *tcadbiternext2(TCADB *adb);
+TCLIST *tcadbfwmkeys(TCADB *adb, const void *pbuf, int psiz, int max);
+TCLIST *tcadbfwmkeys2(TCADB *adb, const char *pstr, int max);
+int tcadbaddint(TCADB *adb, const void *kbuf, int ksiz, int num);
+double tcadbadddouble(TCADB *adb, const void *kbuf, int ksiz, double num);
+bool tcadbsync(TCADB *adb);
+bool tcadbvanish(TCADB *adb);
+bool tcadbcopy(TCADB *adb, const char *path);
+uint64_t tcadbrnum(TCADB *adb);
+uint64_t tcadbsize(TCADB *adb);
+TCLIST *tcadbmisc(TCADB *adb, const char *name, const TCLIST *args);
+int tcadbomode(TCADB *adb);
+void *tcadbreveal(TCADB *adb);
+bool tcadbputproc(TCADB *adb, const void *kbuf, int ksiz, const char *vbuf, int vsiz,
+ TCPDPROC proc, void *op);
+bool tcadbforeach(TCADB *adb, TCITER iter, void *op);

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