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  1. hololens_facial_recognition

    A Unity hololens app to detect faces and display their attributes

    C# 187 44

  2. dietcost

    Meal planner

    JavaScript 1 2

  3. early_universe

    Visualisation of the early universe in the Vive. Based on pspectre ( outputs.


  4. MolecularVive

    Forked from JBostrom/MolecularRiftv2

    PDB Molecule viewer for the HTC Vive, built using Unity

    C# 4

  5. openface_mass_compare

    An openface script that runs a REST server. Posted images are compared against a large dataset, and the most likely match is returned. Works with

    Python 16 9

  6. PhotosphereViewer

    A Unity Vive project to view photospheres in VR

    C# 2 2

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