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Rebootex Remove useless things changed from ProCFW Aug 4, 2014

uOFW installer

From ProCFW, from revision 688e1f15bd8caa789ddfcb9e26f75ee295df2911 Code is placed under GPLv3, as ProCFW.
It was patched so it only supports 6.60 and can run uOFW modules.


You need any installed 6.60 firmware, on any model.

  • Copy the contents of the "dist" directory at the root of your memory stick.
  • Create a directory named "uofw" (without the quotation marks) at the root of your memory stick.
  • Put the modules into the uofw directory you created on your memory stick.
  • Create a file named list.txt in the uofw directory and fill it with this syntax:
; Lines starting with ; are comments
; modules to replace with your own version (don't put the "<>" in the file)
; they must be with the same name in the uofw directory and will replace in pspbtcnf the module at "/kd/<module>.prx"
; insert modules
; here, <new_module>.prx is inserted right before <next_module>.prx in pspbtcnf
<new_module>.prx <next_module>.prx


  • Common:

Common: common utility functions
CrossFW: cross-firmware functions (quite useless now actually)
Imports: needed module imports

  • Installer:

PXE: run the installer using user + kernel exploits with patched Rebootex_bin
Installer: install modules onto the NAND with the menu and run CFW or OFW and run rebootex (if asked)
Rebootex: load & run rebootex_bin
Rebootex_bin: patch loadcore to load user modules, add/rename custom modules of pspbtcnf and run real reboot.bin

  • New modules:

SystemControl: patch loadcore/reboot (as Rebootex_bin did) for executables ran into the VSH
Recovery: recovery menu
Satelite: VSH menu
usbdevice: enable connecting flash0/1/2 or UMD to USB
Vshctrl: to enter the recovery or satelite menu from VSH
Popcorn: POPS enabler
ISODrivers: the.. ISO drivers
Stargate: disable DRMs

Running process

  • PXE/Launcher: launcher PBP, starts the exploit -> kernel_permission_call() patches loadexec for it to run our own PXE/RebootEX, and then uses sceKernelExitGame() to run it.
  • PXE/RebootexPXE: patches reboot in order to add the fake "hen.prx" in the module list (when it is read, it actually reads SystemControlPXE) and patch reboot's loadcore to be able to run it.
  • PXE/SystemControlPXE: patches loadcore, modulemgr, memlmd in order to run unencrypted modules; patches sceLoadExec (at the time of running sceMediaSync) and vsh_module in order to run the installer instead of them. [Nothing should be touched there]
  • Installer: runs installer interface, copies & encrypts the modules to the NAND, and starts rebootex.prx (if the user chose to run the modified firmware) using normal module loading in start_reboot(); also sets the arguments (options) it will pass to rebootex through 'argp' (module argument). [May be changed to change list.txt reading and other writing to FW]
  • Rebootex: patches loadexec to run our fake reboot.bin (Rebootex_bin), copies arguments passed from the Installer to reboot memory, then runs Rebootex_bin. [Should probably be left untouched, except for copying new options]
  • Rebootex_bin: patches lfatfs reading / real reboot in order to run our fake functions; _UnpackBootConfig() adds the replaced & new modules (in list.txt or ProCFW modules like the important systemctrl) into the module list; a hook is started just before loadcore, and patches it, before running the patched loadcore. [Should be modified when running our own & when modifying options]
  • Systemctrl: patch a lot of modules in order to be able to run non-signed EBOOTs from the VSH (loadcore, memlmd, interruptman, sysmem). [Should be modified to remove our own modules patching & handle options]