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@JakubLinhart JakubLinhart released this Apr 6, 2019 · 138 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed minimal width of launcher window.
  • Default log path contains character name instead of character id.
  • UOErebor: Fixed looting from ground (arrows, gold).
  • UOErebor: potion cooldown fixed.
  • Injection: Added UO.MoveOn, UO.MoveOff, UO.Track, UO.CancelTarget, UO.ConColor, UO.WaitTargetType, UO.BandageSelf, UO.ContainerOff, UO.FunRunning.
  • Injection: Fixed overloads UO.Click, UO.DeleteJournal, UO.AddObject.
  • Injection: Added safe call syntax - doesn't do anything special. I don't know what it really does.
  • Injection: Added File object with Open, Create, Close, WriteLn, ReadNumber methods.
  • Injection: Fixed "my" container for UO.FindType.
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