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uOttawa Rocketry

We build rockets!

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  1. This is the flight computer code for post-2019

    C++ 10 4

  2. Ground station for post-2019 rocket code

    Java 8 5

  3. uOttawa Student Aeronautics and Rocketry Team webpage

    CSS 7 3

  4. barista Public archive

    Flight Control system for uOttawa Rocketry 2018

    Python 5 2

  5. uOttawa flight computer code for Spaceport America Cup 2019

    C++ 3 1

  6. The goal of this project is to make a website that will be directly connected to the ground station and have all the procedures. All the members on the test site will be able to interact with it on…

    HTML 3 1


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