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Contributing to PRISONER

PRISONER has been chiefly developed for internal use, and we are now making the tools available to gauge the interest of the community and to help steer its development based on the community's needs. As such, we have no formal process for handling contributions to the project, so this guide should be considered our current thinking and not taken as too prescriptive!

How we're developing PRISONER

PRISONER is being developed completely openly, with all changes pushed immediately to GitHub. This means, master is very unsafe, and you generally don't want to clone from there. We are working on improving test coverage as a priority, but currently this is a major weakness for us, so expect a lot of bad commits here. We will regularly push out releases which are semantically versioned, but please note that PRISONER is still volatile and there will probably be frequent breaking changes.

Pull requests

If you are using PRISONER in your own experiments and want to push any new functionality or bug fixes upstream, we are very happy to accept pull requests. Perhaps a bit hypocritically, we ask for tests for anything you want us to accept (we are trying to improve our coverage after all!) and we are open to starting new branches to host interesting new features that aren't ready for the mainstream!

If you wish to append to or improve existing documentation, please go ahead and raise a pull request!


Known issues

We will raise issues for known bugs in PRISONER ourselves, and issues raised by others will remain open until patched, so please check here first before reporting anything.

Reporting issues

Please raise issues regarding bugs or feature suggestions, or to point out any poor or missing documentation. We'll try to help you out if you're trying to get PRISONER working and not sure how to go about something.

Getting in touch

You can also reach us by Twitter or our Facebook group.


Contributions to PRISONER are under a BSD license.