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Welcome to the UP Community wiki

The purpose of these wiki pages is to collect and share all useful technical information related to UP Board’s products, its hardware, software, and usage.

Feel free to contribute content and corrections which may be useful to others!

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Form Factors
(UP Board/RPi)
Intel Atom 7th Gen (ADL-N) UP Squared Pro 7000
UP Squared 7000 Edge
Intel Atom 6th Gen (EHL) UP Squared 6000
UP Squared 6000 Edge
UP Squared 6000 Edge Compute Enabling Kit
UP Squared V2
UP Squared V2 Edge
Intel Atom 4th Gen (APL) UP Squared Pro
UP Squared Pro Edge
UP Squared
UP Squared Edge
UP 4000
UP 4000 Edge
Intel Atom 3rd Gen (BYT/CHT) UP Board
Intel Core-i 12th Gen (ADL-P) UP Xtreme i12
UP Xtreme i12 Edge
Intel Core-i 11th Gen (TGL-UP) UP Xtreme i11
UP Xtreme i11 Edge
UP Xtreme i11 Edge Compute Enabling Kit
Intel Core-i 8th Gen (WHL-U) UP Xtreme
UP Xtreme Edge
UP Xtreme Edge Compute Enabling Kit