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Warning: The procedure described below is a risky operation reserved for people that know what they are doing. Do it only if you're really sure and you've tried every other method.

If the board becomes unusable due to a bad BIOS upgrade (e.g. if the wrong BIOS image was used, or if the flashing step was interrupted), and you cannot re-flash it with the regular bios update the BIOS chip can still be re-flashed with an EEPROM programmer with the correct image.

This document is a guide for a known working re-flashing procedure.


  • BIOS image file for the UP Squared (available from here
    This image is exactly 8388608 bytes in size. In UP Squared BIOS update releases, it is a .bin file.
  • SPI programmer
    The Dediprog SF-100 is known to work, but any SPI programmer should do.
  • flashrom (version 0.9.9 or newer for Dediprog support)


  1. First, make sure you have made a custom cable to connect SF100 and UP Squared CN22 connector.

  1. Connect SF100 and UP Squared.

  1. Execute the program “DediProg Engineering”.

  1. Click Detect. Check the IC name and click ok.

  1. If Memory List is empty, please check the connectivity between UP Square and SF100.

  1. Click File icon and click Find to select bin file.

  1. Select target bin file and click Open.

  1. Click OK.

  1. You can see .bin file is loaded.Then click Batch.

  1. After click will start flashing BIOS.

  1. Flashing BIOS done.

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