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Erjang - a JVM-based Erlang VM
Wiki Pages:
You should be able to do "ant jar", and thereafter run the sample
prompt% ant jar
prompt% ./
loading io
loading timer
loading ring
loading erlang
io:format "~p Starting message~n" [{1259,922511,63000}]
io:format "~p Around ring ~p times ~n" [{1259,922512,434000},10000]
io:format "~p Around ring ~p times ~n" [{1259,922513,600000},20000]
io:format "~p Around ring ~p times ~n" [{1259,922514,763000},30000]
io:format "~p Around ring ~p times ~n" [{1259,922515,930000},40000]
io:format "~p Around ring ~p times ~n" [{1259,922517,117000},50000]
The source for the few samples are in src/main/erl.
When running, it writes files named ".erj/${module}-${CRC}.jar". These
files are written in response to erlang:load_module(Module,Binary).
These files also serve as a cache of files translated from beam -> jar.
If something goes astray, it may help to remove the .erj directory
forcing Erjang to recompile next time it runs.
I have only been testing this with Erlang/OTP R13B02.
While we are still bootstrapping, the compiler uses a remote
erlang process to parse beam files (using beam_disasm), so you
need to have this running:
prompt% cd src/main/erl
prompt% erl -sname beam_loader@localhost -s beam_loader
Otherwise you will get errors like this:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Cannot connect to peer node
at erjang.beam.Compiler.<clinit>(
at erjang.EModule.load_module(
at erjang.Erj.main(
Eventually this will obviously be self-hosted in Erjang.
To run the tests, you need an OTP distribution, and go edit src/test/java/erjang/
to tell it where your OTP_HOME is.
Kresten Krab Thorup
krab _at_ trifork dot com