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Commits on Nov 1, 2011
  1. @garazdawi

    Merge branch 'lukas/kernel/tc_fixes'

    garazdawi authored
    * lukas/kernel/tc_fixes:
      Kill nodes inbetween tests
  2. @proxyles
  3. @garazdawi

    Merge branch 'lukas/erts/large_float_cmp/OTP-9497'

    garazdawi authored
    * lukas/erts/large_float_cmp/OTP-9497:
      Update documentation after changes in integer and float comparison
      Do small optimisation on platforms with 32 bit Eterm
      Add tests for equality checking
      Optimize comparison of huge floats and smaller bignums
      Add tests for comparing large floats and small bignums
      Cleanup double_to_bignum conversion code
      Update size of tmp cmp bignum buffer
      Expand tests for float and number comparison
      Update heauristic to work on halfword
      Add heauristics bignum vs float checks
      Optimise bugnum and small comparison
      Add float vs integer comparison tests
      Update integer and floating point number comparisons
  4. @garazdawi

    Merge branch 'lukas/megaco/remove_driver_warning/OTP-9672'

    garazdawi authored
    * lukas/megaco/remove_driver_warning/OTP-9672:
      Remove the warning that driver option is replaced by nif
Commits on Oct 28, 2011
  1. @sirihansen

    Merge branch 'siri/observer/ttb-test-cleanup-slave-nodes/OTP-9644'

    sirihansen authored
    * siri/observer/ttb-test-cleanup-slave-nodes/OTP-9644:
      Adjust ttb_SUITE to work better on windows
      Cleanup after testcases in ttb_SUITE
  2. @sirihansen

    Merge branch 'siri/observer/close-ip-to-file-trace-port/OTP-9665'

    sirihansen authored
    * siri/observer/close-ip-to-file-trace-port/OTP-9665:
      Close ip_to_file trace port in ttb:stop
Commits on Oct 27, 2011
  1. @bjorng

    Remove unused */doc/src/make.dep files

    bjorng authored
    These dependency files was once used when building the documentation,
    but are no longer needed.
  2. @bjorng

    doc Makefiles: Eliminate DOCSUPPORT ifdefs

    bjorng authored
    Some applications still have support for an ancient documentation
    build system. Eliminate the DOCSUPPORT define in and the
    not taken arm of the ifdefs in the Makefiles.
  3. @bjorng

    Merge branch 'bjorn/eliminate-regexp-usage'

    bjorng authored
    * bjorn/eliminate-regexp-usage:
      erl_tidy: Eliminate two references to 'regexp' in the documentation
      erts/z_SUITE: Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module
      erts/nt_SUITE: Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module
      erl_html_tools: Eliminate mention of deprecated regexp module
      erl_interface tests: Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module
      tools test suite: Eliminate compilation warnings for the eed module
      tools test suite: Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module
      xmerl test suite: Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module
      appmon: Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module
      tv: Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module
      gs: Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module
      inviso: Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module
  4. @bjorng
  5. @bjorng
  6. @bjorng
  7. @bjorng
  8. @bjorng
  9. @bjorng
  10. @bjorng

    tools test suite: Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module

    bjorng authored
    Also extend the test suite so that the changed code will be
  11. @bjorng
  12. @sirihansen

    Close ip_to_file trace port in ttb:stop

    sirihansen authored
    This is a relay port opened from the IP trace client when tracing
    diskless nodes. The port was not closed properly in ttb:stop, which
    caused problems on windows since the file could not be moved to the
    upload directory before the file descriptor was closed.
  13. @sirihansen

    Adjust ttb_SUITE to work better on windows

    sirihansen authored
    There is a problem with long paths on windows, which causes some of
    the ttb logs in this suite not to be created. To go around this, the
    original priv_dir from the Config is no longer used for writing the
    logs. Instead a new priv_dir is created in the data_dir - which makes
    the path much shorter.
    There is also a problem caused by the lower resolution of the system
    clock on windows. It makes the test cases for sorting trace messages
    fail. To get around this a sleep of 2 ms is added in "appropriate
    places", and also the messages sent between client and server when
    creating the trace log for these test cases is now better synched.
    The cleanup functions, which terminate slave nodes, was called in
    end_per_testcase. However, it seems to be a bug in the test_server
    which causes this to hang if the test case failed with a
    timetrap_timeout. Workaround for this is to do the cleanup in
    init_per_testcase instead - i.e. make sure that nodes that are to be
    started by the test case do not already live when the test case
  14. @sirihansen

    Cleanup after testcases in ttb_SUITE

    sirihansen authored
    Slave nodes were earlier stopped inside each test case. If a test case
    failed before this point, a slave node would survive and it might
    interfere with the next test case causing multiple failures. This
    commit moves the stopping of slave nodes out to a separate function
    for each test case - called during end_per_testcase.
    A minor correction is also done in ttb:ensure_no_overloaded_nodes -
    the reply message sent back from the ttb process is tagged so only the
    expected message will be picked from the message queue. Otherwise, for
    instance nodedown messages from the monitoring of slave nodes (by the
    test cases) could be received here.
    Finally, the sleep timer when waiting for trace messages to arrive
    over tcp/ip is extended a bit since test cases sometimes failed with
    missing trace messages here.
  15. @sirihansen

    Merge branch 'siri/runtime_tools/dbg-flush-trace-file-driver-before-s…

    sirihansen authored
    * siri/runtime_tools/dbg-flush-trace-file-driver-before-stop/OTP-9651:
      Flush trace file driver before stopping dbg
Commits on Oct 26, 2011
  1. @bjorng
  2. @bjorng
  3. @bjorng
  4. @bjorng
Commits on Oct 25, 2011
  1. @psyeugenic

    Merge branch 'egil/eprof-doc'

    psyeugenic authored
    * egil/eprof-doc:
      otp: Update profiling doc with eprof
      eprof: Fix invalid references to removed functions
Commits on Oct 24, 2011
  1. @psyeugenic
Commits on Oct 21, 2011
  1. @psyeugenic
  2. @sirihansen

    Flush trace file driver before stopping dbg

    sirihansen authored
    Earlier dbg:stop only did erlang:trace_delivered and did not flush the
    trace file driver. Therefore there could still be trace messages that
    were delivered to the driver (guaranteed by erlang:trace_delivered)
    but not yet written to the file. This commit adds this flushing on
    each node before the dbg process terminates.
  3. Merge branch 'anders/diameter/make/OTP-9638'

    Anders Svensson authored
    * anders/diameter/make/OTP-9638:
      Dumb down release target to Solaris /usr/ucb/install
      Dumb down opt/release targets to make 3.80
      Minor tweaks and cleanup
      Need absolute -pa for bootstrap build
      Simpler release targets for src subdirectories
      Use secondary expansion for src subdirectory rules
      One makefile for src build instead of recursion
      Remove app dependency on compiler to avoid forced recompilation
      Move diameter_exprecs to compiler directory
  4. Merge branch 'anders/diameter/dictionaries/OTP-9641'

    Anders Svensson authored
    * anders/diameter/dictionaries/OTP-9641:
      Add diameter_make as compilation interface
      Update documentation
      Don't require -i directory to exist
      Allow @inherits to be set/cleared with diameterc
      Allow @name/@prefix to be set with diameterc
      Dependency fix
      Move dictionaries into own directory and rename
      Whitespace fixes
      @result_code -> @define in dictionary files
  5. Merge branch 'hb/stdlib/fix_testsuites/OTP-9637'

    Hans Bolinder authored
    * hb/stdlib/fix_testsuites/OTP-9637:
      Fix a few tests that used to fail on the HiPE platform
  6. Fix a few tests that used to fail on the HiPE platform

    Hans Bolinder authored
Commits on Oct 20, 2011
  1. @proxyles

    Merge branch 'rc/epp-include-path-fix'

    proxyles authored
    * rc/epp-include-path-fix:
      Make epp search directory of current file first when including another file
  2. @proxyles

    Merge branch 'hl/fix-ms_transform-scope-warn'

    proxyles authored
    * hl/fix-ms_transform-scope-warn:
      ms_transform: Fix incorrect `variable shadowed' warnings
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