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upTee upTee - Readme

upTee is an open source software aiming to simplify all the work for hosting a teeworlds game server by providing a simple web interface.
The software is written with django and uses many other python modules.
The project was founded by Sascha "SushiTee" Weichel to speed up the map development of teeworlds. He convinced David "Fisico" Gruber to make the website beautiful.

General requirements

  • python 2.7 - a programming language that you should dive into
  • setuptools - Python module to install packages [1]

Production requirements

  • nginx - high-performance HTTP server [2]
  • uwsgi - application container server [2]
  • PostgreSQL - The world's most advanced open source database [2]
  • RabbitMQ - AMQP messaging system, backend for celery [2]

Optional requirements




  • IRC - Webchat
    #teeworlds-dev at


[1] Required to install all python packages needed
[2] Other configuration possible but not recommend
[3] recommend but another cached backend possible

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