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Setting up a development server

Setting up a development server is important if you want to help with the development of upTee.


###Install all requirements
Be sure to install all requirements shown in the README.
In case the command pip is not available after installing setuptools run the following command:

$ easy_install pip

Switch into the uptee directory and run the following command:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

If an error appears install the missing packages. The error messages are obvious.
In windows download packages which fails from here. Repeat the command until the installation finishes successfully!
If there are still problems with some modules have a look at the Troubleshooting section.

###Set up the project Switch into the uptee directory.
To set up the project copy the and rename the new file to
Now edit the settings how u like. You can find an example for a development server here.
Copy browscap.csv.example and rename the new file to browscap.csv.

###Install the database

$ python syncdb

It will ask to create a Superuser. Do not do that!

$ python migrate

Now create the Superuser.

$ python createsuperuser

###Set up the port map The port map is a list of available ports for the teeworlds servers. Be sure that the ports are not blocked by a firewall.

$ python create_portmap 8300 8320

This command adds the ports 8300 till 8320 to upTee. Decide yourself which ports you want to use and how many you need.

###Start up the server You will have to run two processes for starting up the Server.
First you have to run the celery worker and celerybeat (start as background process or two sessions).

$ python celery worker --loglevel=info
$ python celery beat

Be sure that the broker for celery is running (RabbitMQ is recommended).
If the example is used the database will be used.
After celery is running, run the server itself.

$ python runserver

The website is now available under http://localhost:8000/


###error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat Some modules need a C/C++ compiler to build parts of the module for performance reasons.
In windows it may happen that it will not find the compiler or it might be even not installed.
If this is the case just download module from here and install it. After the installation you may still get the same error.
Just comment out the concerned module in the requirements.txt.

# PIL>=1.1.7