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Mod format

Every mod has a special format which is required for upTee to recognize the mods and set its default settings.
Mod files are packed in .tar or .zip files.


The complete mod file just gets uploaded in the admin panel of upTee. The website will check if its content is valid.

File structure

The following file structure must be used:

  - data
    + mapres
    + maps

The mapres directory must be present for the server to start but it is recommended to leave it empty.
The maps directory contains all the default maps which should be shipped with the mod.
The config.cfg contains the default settings for the mod and must be in a special config format.
The license.txt and readme.txt are not important but should be present.
The teeworlds_srv is the server binary (in Windows teeworlds_srv.exe). The file name of the binary can be changed in the website settings but it is not recommended to change.