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#ifndef _VXLAN_H_
#define _VXLAN_H_
#include <net/ethernet.h>
#include "common.h"
void strtovni (char * str, u_int8_t * vni);
struct vxlan_instance * create_vxlan_instance (u_int8_t * vni);
struct vxlan_instance * search_vxlan_instance (u_int8_t * vni);
void init_vxlan_instance (struct vxlan_instance * vins);
int add_vxlan_instance (struct vxlan_instance * vins);
int destroy_vxlan_instance (struct vxlan_instance * vins);
void process_fdb_etherflame_from_vxlan (struct vxlan_instance * vins,
struct ether_header * ether,
struct sockaddr_storage * vtep_addr);
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